dentures When do I know whether I need dentures?

Dentures are a lot more than just a set of false teeth. They can be integral in maintaining your quality of life after losing multiple teeth due to decay, injury, or aging.

If you are missing multiple teeth throughout your mouth, it may be time to start thinking about wearing dentures. The right denture solution is out there for you!

What is the process of getting dentures at Green Dental like?

Though the particulars of the process of getting dentures at Green Dental depend on what kind you will be getting, you can expect that the entire experience will take several appointments spaced out over several weeks.

After the initial consultation, we use our iTero Digital Impression System to scan the inside of your mouth and take precise 3D digital images of your teeth. This maps out your smile and helps us make an exact plan of action to get you feeling back to your old self. Our state-of-the-art iTero machine also replaces sticky and messy dental putty that used to be instrumental in taking impressions. Digital impressions are simple, quick, and more accurate than ever before.

Along with the dental lab, we use the digital impressions we took to make a model of the type of denture you are interested in receiving. We will ask you to wear these model dentures while we work together to figure out what changes need to be made to the denture fit, color, size, and other factors. After noting those changes, we will send them away for your actual dentures to be cast, and make any last preparations in your mouth and existing teeth.

When your set of dentures arrives, we will make sure they fit perfectly. There may be an initial period of adjustment, like with eating and speaking, but we’ll be there every step of the way.

What kinds of dentures are available at Green Dental?

At Green Dental, we proudly offer several different types of dentures. They include:

  • Full dentures, which can be removed for care
  • Partial dentures, which can be removable or permanent
  • Implant-supported dentures, which are secured with dental implants

The type of denture that you choose depends on several factors, including the condition and number of your remaining teeth, your particular lifestyle and needs, and what you hope for your dentures to achieve for you. For example, full dentures give you the option and comfort of removing them completely. This makes them easy to care for. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, offer security in keeping your dentures in your mouth, just like your natural teeth would look and feel. Not sure what type of dentures will work for you? We’re here to help talk it out with you and figure out the best possible solution for your smile.

Are you ready to start the conversation about dentures?

Drs. Gordon and Brooks Green and Dr. Nichole Barnett can help answer any questions you might have. Call us today to set up your initial consultation!

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I would avoid dental offices like the plague in the past, that is no longer the case after becoming a regular patient of Dr. Gordon and Dr. Brooks Green. I’ve recommended them to several others and will continue to do so. Great people, great place and great care.

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