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man putting in a nightguardWhat causes bruxism?

Bruxism is the official name for nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. It is considered a sleep disorder that can damage your teeth, disrupt your rest, affect your health, and indicate additional conditions you might be experiencing. For example, bruxism is often a sign of sleep apnea — when you hold your breath or stop breathing for short periods of time during slumber.

You may not notice that you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night when you are asleep. Commonly, partners, spouses, and other family members are the ones who notice and alert you to the fact. Otherwise, you might suspect you are grinding your teeth at night due to the following signs:

  • Damaged or noticeably worn teeth
  • Tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Pain, tightness, locking, and fatigue in your jaw muscles
  • Pain and soreness in your neck, face, or ear
  • Headache
  • Damage on the inside of your cheek from biting and gnawing
  • Waking up feeling like you did not get good rest

Any one of these signs is enough to schedule a consultation with your dentist. There’s no reason to continue to suffer.

How can Green Dental help with teeth grinding?

Since bruxism can significantly harm the health of your teeth, Drs. Gordon and Brooks Green and Dr. Nichole Barnett are here to help diagnose and address the condition. In fact, if you live alone or if your partner hasn’t noticed any sign of bruxism while you sleep, our staff may be the first ones to suspect that something might be happening. That’s because constant grinding, clenching, and other tension tend to wear down the surfaces of your teeth over time. Left unchecked, bruxism can cause cavities due to damage, cracking and chips, significant wear and tear for your tooth enamel, and much more.

Once diagnosed, we can help fit you with a customized nightguard you can wear for a better night’s sleep — and to protect your smile.

Can’t I just get a nightguard myself?

Many retailers sell nightguards over the counter. However, these nightguards don’t do your smile justice when it comes to customization. You may be able to briefly mold them to your teeth, but they are bulky and awkward — making you less likely to want to wear them. We recommend a professionally fit and customized nightguard from our dentists to help address bruxism.

Have you been suffering from bruxism?

We can help! Give us a call to schedule an appointment to talk about treatment options and nightguards to help protect your teeth.

There is no better than Green Dental! Excellent Dr., nurses and staff. They took great care of me. No pain! They get you in and out and if you need them for anything they are right there to take care of you. Thank you so much Green Dental for everything!

- Amy O. -

I would avoid dental offices like the plague in the past, that is no longer the case after becoming a regular patient of Dr. Gordon and Dr. Brooks Green. I’ve recommended them to several others and will continue to do so. Great people, great place and great care.

- Ashley S. -

Never felt more comfortable with any dentist. The place is amazing and very clean. He truly was worried about my pain.

- Christina F. -

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