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From the moment you enter the office at Green Dental, we treat you like family.

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We Offer Comprehensive Care

At Green Dental, we address anything our patients may need. That means we accept anything from emergency appointments to cosmetic consultations — and everything in between. Drs. Gordon and Brooks Green and Dr. Nichole Barnett recognize that dental issues are as unique as the smiles they belong to.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to offer all of the services you need accessible right in the same office. No matter what the goals for your smile are, we have the solutions you need to achieve them.

Dental Care For All

Just like there are different milestones throughout the course of life, your teeth have certain needs at different times. Adolescents may need assistance when it comes to the alignment of their teeth — including fitting and maintenance of braces to straighten a smile. Adults can benefit from preventive care like regular cleanings and the occasional filling or restorative efforts like implants and bridges. Older individuals may be ready to start having the conversation about dentures. Wherever you are in your oral health journey, Green Dental is there for you. We’re ready to offer excellent care while talking you through your treatment path.

Why Choose Green Dental?

Since we prioritize the comfort of our patients, every detail in our practice has been tailored to suit them. From the very beginning of our relationship with a new patient, we make sure that we examine their teeth thoroughly so we can have an exact idea of the treatment plans that they should pursue. We take the time to counsel a patient and answer any questions they may have about their options to get the smile they’ve always wanted. We will never move forward with treatment until the patient completely understands everything that goes into it. That includes preparation, the procedure itself, recovery, and any financial obligations they may be responsible for.

A smile is your window to the world. We want to be there for you and make sure you present yourself to others in exactly the way you want. Whether you need gaps filled in your smile or would like to dial up its brightness, we can help. Drs. Green and Dr. Barnett are focused on serving you and have trained in the latest techniques to help you get the smile of your dreams.

Having tooth sensitivity? Knocked a tooth out in an athletic accident? Ready to elevate your existing smile to a whole other level? In need of a dentist who takes your concerns seriously and answers your questions until you’re satisfied? We’re here for you! Through braces, nighttime teeth grinding, tooth replacements, dentures, and much more, Green Dental is in your corner. We are devoted to your oral health.

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There is no better than Green Dental! Excellent Dr., nurses and staff. They took great care of me. No pain! They get you in and out and if you need them for anything they are right there to take care of you. Thank you so much Green Dental for everything!

- Amy O. -

I would avoid dental offices like the plague in the past, that is no longer the case after becoming a regular patient of Dr. Gordon and Dr. Brooks Green. I’ve recommended them to several others and will continue to do so. Great people, great place and great care.

- Ashley S. -

Never felt more comfortable with any dentist. The place is amazing and very clean. He truly was worried about my pain.

- Christina F. -

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