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Platelet Rich Fibrin

empty dentist exam roomWhat is platelet rich fibrin?

Platelet rich fibrin is a concentrated substance made from your own blood. Fibrin is the protein that helps a blood clot to heal. Platelet rich fibrin — or PRF — is used to help promote faster and more effective healing following certain dental surgeries and treatments. It represents a cutting-edge treatment that benefits many.

How does Green Dental use platelet rich fibrin?

There have been many changes in dentistry over the last four decades. Drs. Gordon and Brooks Green and Dr. Nichole Barnett are proud that our practice remains at the forefront of dental advancements. By embracing continuing education and lifelong learning to adapt to new technologies and adopt better practices, our patients can expect to receive the best care available.

We use platelet rich fibrin because it has proved to be an excellent way to keep our patients safe and healthy during oral surgery and other treatments. Some of the procedures in which patients benefit the most from PRF include:

PRF helps to decrease swelling and pain after treatments, and promotes greater healing and strength of bone grafts, particularly with dental implants. It also helps prevent such conditions as dry sockets after extractions and works well in warding off infections.

What can I expect from this process?

There are a number of benefits to incorporating platelet rich fibrin into your dental treatment — particularly if you are receiving dental implants, an extraction, or another kind of dental surgery. Your own PRF helps protect the site of the treatment and speeds your recovery.

The actual process of creating platelet rich fibrin is straightforward. Just prior to your treatment, we will draw your blood. It’s no different from getting a blood test at the doctor’s office. Then, we use a centrifuge to spin the vial of blood around until it separates into three layers. The PRF is contained in one of the layers, which we use to promote faster healing with less pain. We place PRF at the site of the procedure. This quickens the process of restoring the area to health while keeping out saliva, bacteria, and other things that may otherwise slow the process.

Questions about platelet rich fibrin and how we use it?

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